About Us

We are global ENU fan group, Members from the United States, and China! We are the first ENU node to maintain 24/7. ENU will never fade that we take care of this node 24 hours a day!

BP Conifgurations:

  • Full node on Amazon AWS back-up
  • Full node on Microsoft Azure
  • An RPC node on Azure: /api.enubi.io:8888/
  • 2vCPU, 16GB ram, SSD
  • Future scales to 16vCPU, 64GB ram.

Our Goal Goal

Help ENU achieve explosive growth in the number of users. Prepare for and devote in the UBI DApp.

Feasible solution:

  • For Community:
    Set up the RPC node: /api.enubi.io:8888/ for on-chain services.
    Relying on the network effect of social media, we will continue to promote the ecological advantages of ENU.
  • For public:
    Providing user-friendly guide through our platform, including explaining the erc20-to-main-network migration, enu main network account creation and daily use precautions.
    Our work would focus on reducing the learning curve of the ENU public chain as much as possible.
  • For New Users:
    Distributing Free ENU accounts through social channels such as Weibo and WeChat.
    On this basis, we would airdrop free enubi tokens( enubifreedom bp Ecological token) which may attract more people to join in ENU.
  • For Developers:

Headline for Enumivo Headline

Here is the recent head line from UBI@ENU and ENUBI!

  • Enumivo oracle is coming!    /oracle.enumivo.org/

    The Enumivo oracle is the first step of UBI pragram, people all over the world can register and verify their personal identity with oracle. It will provide a fair and smart way for distributing UBI to every single person on this planet.

  • enubifreedom now is providing RPC service for the network!

    Try it: 323-394-5417
    Every one now is welcome to connect to /api.enubi.io:8888/ as API for your local wallet services!

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Contact: admin@enubi.org